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A Collection of

A Collection of Conversations, November 2021, is an accordion and pull tab/pop-up zine that combines hand-drawn quick sketches with patterns and text to create clean design and formatting. It is an easy to reproduce zine but does require some gluing and cutting if reprinted. This Zine stretches to about 4 feet in length and can be read in three different ways, stretched out so the reader can see both sides perfectly, like a normal book you flip through, and also it can be refolded to tell a different narrative.

This zine was inspired after someone said to me"You're A Lot Smarter Than You Look", I was taken aback because I had just met them and they had no reason to believe anything about me. They said this to me after I understood a meme...didn't know getting jokes requires a high level of intelligence. Anyways, I decided to strip the name behind the words and create a piece where we direct and look at words/sentences people said to me throughout my creation of this piece. I wanted to mimic a fun and playful, almost storybook but for adults, kind of book but I also wanted to force people to read and interact with my book. Because often I feel that people just flip through zines and glance at them but don't interact with them and as a creator, you feel like your work isn't being appreciated to its full value. 


The Real Deal

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