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Sonidos de Mi Cocina

Sonidos de Mi Cosina is a conceptual piece I am currently working on that reflects on previous themes in my work, home, cultural identity, and relationships and how different patterns, sounds, and textiles can tie us to memories, people, and ourselves.

For this painting, I decided to crochet the entire piece, and a special thanks to my roommate Paula for teaching me how to, and create my own version of the tablecloth, which was handmade by my grandma, that sits on my kitchen table. The patterns I am creating in my version include a few that can be found in the original and a few new ones that tell the story of my family. Aside from the crocheting, I also made a mashup of real conversations I had with my family and with music we played in the kitchen during my visit for Thanksgiving Break. The audio plays from a Bluetooth speaker that is inside the canvas, so it allows the viewer to not only look at my kitchen table, but to also hear and experience what it's like to sit at it.

Documentation of the progress

Some photos and a video of me working on covering and laying down the fabric that covers the entire project. The audio laid over the video is a snippet of the hour-long audio that plays from the frame, I am hoping to make the audio as long as 2 hours, so it can appear to go on forever.

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