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The Valley:
Postcards Series

Living in The Valley, I've seen how gentrification and rapid development have threatened the culture and identity of our community. To me, home is more than just a physical space; it represents my heritage, family history, and the collective memories of those who have called The Valley home for generations.

I turned to socially engaged art to help preserve the iconography and culture of The Valley. By documenting the history and landmarks that make our community special, I hope to ensure that they are not erased by progress.

Through my art, I aim to raise awareness about the impact of gentrification on long-time residents, particularly those from marginalized communities. I want to build solidarity and inspire action to protect our community from displacement and cultural erasure.

I believe that art has the power to promote social justice, raise awareness, and build community engagement. Through this project, with pre-addressed postcards to my home in The Valley, I am aiming to preserve the vibrant and diverse community The Valley is home to.


Greetings from The Valley

4" x 6" 

November 2021

Left in a place longing for home, missing my family, and the city I grew up in, I decided to channel this feeling into writing postcards to my family and capturing conversations we had in the days leading up to my next visit. 

This piece is a reconstruction of my piece El Valle, which can be seen below, both pieces follow similar themes and focus on my upbringing in The Valley, aka the San Fernando Valley / 818 / SFV, and how it has become part of my identity and influences my artistic direction. I got inspired after seeing an archive of postcards that were from Mexican Revolution and how these slice-of-life images are captured during a time of political and social turmoil. 

The Illustrations on each postcards are each tied to a specific memory, feeling, or just location that means a lot to me or is just a symbol I associate with my time in The Valley. This project has become even more important to me now as The Valley is currently facing attempts of gentrification, essentially erasing the rich culture that uniquely exists here and the people who made The Valley home.

Close ups of the front and back of the design of each card

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El Valle, 2019, Digital Illustration

mapa de mi mundo, acrylic on paper, 2021

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